Executive Chef Jack W. MacMurray III has accomplished a lot in his 20-year journey to the top of the culinary world.

He graduated a silver medalist from the Academy of Culinary Arts in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He’s cooked for countless big names, including Sigourney Weaver, Clint Eastwood, Whitney Houston, President Gerald Ford, Ross Perot, Lenox Lewis and John Glenn. He spent almost a decade as chef at the luxury, 5-star Sonnenalp resort in Vail, Colorado as well as Blu's Restaurant.

Throughout the years, though, one of the things he’s taken the most pride in is something he’s been fervently devoted to every step of the way: his custom spice rubs.

Two decades of fine-tuning the five blends he released in January 2010 reflect his passion to do everything to the fullest. The 13 perfectly balanced ingredients exude his desire to deliver the best taste in everything he serves.

Jack Mac’s spice blends are as distinctive and approachable as the man behind them, and they’re just the beginning of his legacy, as Jack Mac’s salad dressings and barbeque sauces are in the works and coming soon.

For the past 8 years, Jack has also been a cooking instructor which he has found to be quite rewarding. It gives him a chance to share his professional cooking experiences and help the home cook really enjoying their time in the kitchen.